2018-01-05 – Weekly Mortgage Rates

January 5th, to January 11th, 2018

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2018-01-05 – Weekly Mortgage Rates

If you or anyone you know is looking to:

  • Apply for a new mortgage
  • Refinance their home
  • The renewal date is up on your mortgage
  • Various other reasons

$$$$$ PLEASE STOP … and READ!

Your best interests are always my top priority that’s why I recommend that people I care about always check in with Dianne … she will not only give you the best service you can get but also the best rate and lender for you.

It’s a rule of thumb that DUE DILIGENCE is to get 3 quotes or at least another opinion before choosing the lender that best suit your financial needs at this time and remember … it’s always your choice!

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As always have a great week,


Jill Denovan
Sales Representative
Real Estate HOMEWARD, Brokerage
Mobile #: 416-266-4799
Office #: 1-877-644-4168

Keeping YOUR best interests my top priority … Since 1988!

Words to think about … Lenders and brokers offer advice in almost all cases. You may choose to reject the advice and find your own mortgage deal based on your own research. If you choose your own mortgage without advice it’s called an “execution-only” application.

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