Character Profile Jill Denovan
Semi-Retired REALTOR® 

They Say … 

… First, “Jill’s three decades of experience helping clients buy or sell a home in the Toronto South, Uxbridge, Stouffville, and Brock Township (Urban and Rural) areas, offers opportunities for clients to be introduced to some of the best real estate locations imaginable.”

… Second, “Jill’s focus on establishing, maintaining and successfully offering a residential real estate service, with a personal touch, makes it possible for her clients to get invaluable care for their real estate needs.”

… Third, “Jill’s ‘Client First’ philosophy has always been and always will be the main focus of her business.”

… Fourth, “Jill’s success is due to the unending pursuit of honing skills, increasing knowledge and embracing technological opportunities … making them available to her Buyers and Sellers and making it easier for them to achieve their goals.”

… Fifth, “Jill is a high tech agent specializing in Social Media and On-Line Marketing exposing your sale globally.

 Jill Says …

… First, “My clients are my greatest success. I’ve just had a way of attracting the best clients in the world … and that has been the success of my business. When they achieve their goals and I have been a part of their experience — WOW, what a great feeling!”

… Second, I’m Always Around to help with your real estate needs. Having worked with so many ‘like-minded’ REALTORS® through-out my career – help is just a quick referral away.

Third, On a personal note … I live in a small country town, Sunderland, Ontario just north of the Toronto East area with my dog Gizzy, a nine pound Yorkie/Maltese cross. I love getting out to spend time in our amazing small community with Gizzy.

Psssst … I also love to sing and play guitar and if you are out and about in any of my areas one night you just might find me singing and playing at a local Open Mic and/or local Karaoke Place!

As Always Jill,
Keeping YOUR best interests my top priority … since 1988!