The Three Communities

Welcome to The Township of Brock and it’s Three Communities.

Sunderland Ontario in The Township of Brock
Sunderland Ontario in The Township of Brock

SUNDERLAND has a community of small businesses that focus primarily on the needs of surrounding rural families. Downtown Sunderland also has a number of restaurants, an art gallery, a museum (Sunderland & District Historical Society), bank, post office and a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

The region around Sunderland is rolling farmland, with dense first-growth deciduous forests and rich agricultural soil. Sunderland displays many typical traits of a temperate humid climate. Its altitude and proximity to the Canadian Shield allows for much deciduous forests with beginning sprouts of coniferous trees.

Sunderland has one public school, Sunderland Public School, which celebrated its 50-year anniversary on 20 October 2007. The nearest high school is Brock High School, located in the west end of Cannington.

Sunderland has been home to a local Lions Club since 1955. As of 2011 the club has approximately 60 members which put it amongst the largest in its Lions International District known as A-16. The club runs various fundraisers throughout the year such as a Car Draw and Beach Volleyball tournament as well as annually hosting a Blue Rodeo concert. All profits from these events are put back into service projects and used for the purpose of community betterment. One of the club’s largest service projects is the annual Sunderland Lions Music Festival which is held over 3 weeks, beginning in Mid-February.


CANNINGTON is a community located in Brock Township, Durham Region in Ontario Canada. The town is on the Beaver River.

The community serves as a service centre for the surrounding rural area. It is home to the municipal offices of Brock Township, as well as a secondary school, Brock High School, and an elementary school, McCaskill’s Mills Public School, built in 2006 and named after the old name of the town. The school also offers a French Immersion Program. The high school does not. The majority of French Immersion students are bussed to Port Perry High School, which offers French Immersion.



Beaverton Ontario in The Township of Brock
Beaverton Ontario in The Township of Brock

BEAVERTON is the largest community in Brock. There are three elementary schools in Beaverton and area, as well as an arena, curling club, public library, small harbour and yacht club. The local economy is based on the provision of services to the surrounding area, supplemented by some manufacturing. Tourism also plays a role; the Trent-Severn Waterway connects with Lake Simcoe a few kilometres north of Beaverton and the area attracts cottagers from other regions of the Province.

As part of the creation of Durham Region in 1974, Beaverton was amalgamated with Thorah Township, the original Brock Township and the Villages of Cannington and Sunderland to create the newly expanded Township of Brock.


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