Referral Reviews

Referrals to Jill 

Jill Denovan says “Whenever anyone who has been associated with me either personally and/or professionally … recommends me to the people they care about in their lives … it is the greatest compliment I can receive.”

It says … “We trust you Jill to take the best care of our ‘family member‘, ‘friend‘, ‘neighbour‘ or ‘work associate‘ and their Real Estate needs”.

A trip down ‘Referrals to Jill Denovan Memory Lane’ to visit some of the special people I had the privilege of helping as a result of previously helping someone in their life who cared about them.

Review-Jean and Carole Elliott May 20 05 003

Carol and her Mom …

Lyn and Ellen recommended Carol to me to help her sell her mom, Jean’s home. Jean had lived in the home for many, many years. It can be quite an emotional experience when selling a ‘family’s home’ of many years.
BUT … We … Jean, Carol and I did it.
In a letter they wrote to me they said they were very happy with the experience and with the successful outcome.
Looking at Jean’s smile … just makes ya’ feel good!

Review-Lisa Bertoncini and Maureen 003

Maureen (pictured right) recommended her sister Lisa (pictured left) to me.

Lisa got an amazing, open concept, two story condo on King West in a very trendy building which Lisa is still living in today.
The only problem with doing such a great job for my clients is … they never move!!!
This is such a lovely family to know and have in my life.


Peter & Samara …

Samara’s mom Barb recommended her daughter and son-in-law to me to help them buy their first home.
Peter and Samara’s bungalow is in a beautiful neighbourhood in The Bluffs. It was wonderful being a part of their first time buying experience.

A lot has changed since this photo was taken … dogs and kids have been added to their life.
It’s so much fun watching their family grow … on Facebook!

“Your loyalty, endorsements and introduction of the people in your life to me are the greatest of compliments.”
Thank You!