Most houses need at least a little work before they are shown to potential buyers, to maximize resale value. Typical project include repainting, closet and cabinet organizers, windows and general cleaning, a clutter free look tends to be most appealing to buyers.

Make all needed repairs unless you want your house to be regarded as a fixer-upper. When getting your home ready to sell, think of it as a product competing with brand new homes. It needs to show well, which means it should look organized and clean. This easy to read guide is packed with dozens of useful tips on how to get your house to show its best potential: from weeding the flower beds to making sure the litter box is clean. The house should be spotless and you need to have a plan to make your home look its best when a prospective buyer comes for a visit on short notice. It is a lot of work to get everything done, but such literally does pay off.